Friday, 29 January 2010

Captain Ahab hits the headlines

Press article on Captain Ahab's watery discoveries
January 2010

My watery wanderings around the lost canals of the Black Country havn't gone unnoticed.

Following the local interest in my look at the Bentley Canal I was interviewed by Mark Andrews of the Wolverhampton Express and Star, who started with the observation - "Why do you visit these places - they arn't exactly beautiful?"

Of course he is right, the areas are rarely beautiful, but they are rich in history. I was rather pleased by his article (published on Thursday Jan 21st) which presented me in a fair and balanced light. It would have been so easy to portray me as a complete fruit cake.

Those of you who are regular readers may disagree with that conclusion!


Halfie said...

What a great article, sympathetically written. You have earned every one of its column inches. Bit of a shame your blog address wasn't accurately given - that might have given you a few more well-deserved hits.

Captain Ahab said...

Thanks Halfie.
The mis quote of the blog address was a shame - as was the fact that the one bridge photo they lifted from the blog was one the canal never flowed under - its a railway bridge!
Capt A