Sunday 17 June 2012

BCN Marathon 2012 - A pause in Tipton

BCN Marathon 2012 
Black Country Living Museum and the Dudley Tunnel
4 June 2012

Our early arrival at the Tipton meant that not only did we get the best mooring spot, we also had time to be tourists for a couple of hours.

Sunken day boats

 Old paddle gear and an ice breaker

 Day boats or Joeys

First I ha a quick look round the canal section of the museum which contains all sots of curios, even in the star of the show was away in London doing her Presidential stuff for the Queen.

Then there was time to do the 40 min tour of the Dudley Tunnels, something I had never done before. Its a good show and well worth the £5 charge. Mind you, Jeff was a bit huffy about the white plastic hard hat!

Trip boat in Dudley Tunnel

 The open roof of a cavern


Start of "the rest of the tunnel"

All in all a good end to a much drier day.

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Larry Desre said...

I can't believe I have never come across this before. It's a very interesting museum and I sure do wish to visit it. I'll look this up some more and see if I can get more details about it.