Wednesday 27 June 2012

Worcester Ring 2012 - Whittington

Worcester Ring 2012
23 May 2012

13 miles - 21 locks - 9 hours

Another scorcher, comfortable till 1.00pm but then a wilting 27 degrees. Too hot for comfort.

The Bratch

Today's objective is Wild Garlic for a chutney - a common enough plant but completely elusive when you are looking for it. I am also on the lookout for Watercress and Sorrell, but they remain  equally elusive.

Lockside scenes on the Staffs and Worcester Canal

All around us green growth is abounding, nature breaking free from the shackles of a late spring. Its all a dramatic transformation since our near zero trip to Dimmingsdale Lock only 10 days ago.

End of another hot day

We arrived at Bratch at lunchtime and were the eighth boat through, another quiet day on this waterway. We rewatered at Greensforge, picking the slow tap of course, and were glad of the cooling shade at Gothersley and Stourton, herons flapping slowly over the still surface of the water in their endless search for their next fishy meal. 

We moored up below Whittington breaking out the BBQ for the first time this year, washed down with a couple of pints of the lager homebrew kit Jeff gave me for Christmas, supplemented by a glass of Quince Ratafia - very tasty with notes of vanilla and cinnamon.


Halfie said...

You've caught the waterspout well - but I'm surprised to see the paddle fully up. In my experience the water jets up your trouser leg as soon as you start cranking.

Andy Tidy said...

Dan cranks fast.