Sunday, 2 January 2011

Here cometh the Axe Man

The coming of the Axe Man
2 Jan 2011

I treated myself to a new camera lens for Christmas, a 55 to 240mm telephoto unit made by Canon and it's a perfect mate the the 18 - 55mm kit lens which came with the 500D body. A few years ago I sought contributions towards an eco fan and sat there on Christmas day with a sad little pile of money and no goodies to open - I'm not making that mistake again.

I researched this purchase long and hard and initially identified that such a lens would cost over £800, a sum which is way beyond my means and which is too expensive for the rough and ready life I will subjecting it to. A bit more research identified the proprietary Canon model which can be bought for £150 and comes complete with image stabilisation. The reviews on Amazon were very positive and whilst in no way is it top end, it is considered very good quality for the money. Sounds like the lens for me.

Nice pants Jeff

I took these shots of Jeff wielding and axe in the back garden as my first experiment with the lens, a sneaky try out before it was wrapped up and placed under the Christmas tree.

I suspect you will see a lot of photos taken with the new lens over the next year. Now, can anyone see one of those Kingfishers?


Halfie said...

Wot? No goggles?

Andy Tidy said...

Nor any steel toed boots!