Monday, 17 January 2011

How to see into a woman's head

Guaranteed insight into the head of the fairer sex
17th Jan 2011

Isn't every man's  dream? To be able to see into the head of women?

Women are strange and mysterious creatures and what goes on in the innermost reaches of their heads is a mystery to us mortal men. Well I happen to have stumbled across a way of peering into this zone, to boldly go where no man has gone before....

Let me show you:

X ray of Belle's face

This is the inside of Belle's head. It's spooky to think we have lived and loved  together for nearly 25 years and this is the first glimpse I have had at what lies behind a pretty face.

Actually they are the X rays taken immediately after her accident and you can see how the bottom of her right eye socket (from her perspective) had been shattered. All very gory stuff and maybe there are some things its better never to see at all.

Getting up Belle's nose

My apologies for the quality of the images. They were provided on disc and this is a digital photo of the laptop screen. And yes, she has got a lot of fillings!

Thanks for all your concern. After two lots of reconstructive all the "bony" repairs are deemed to be good and now we have to wait for a further month to see how things are when the swelling has gone down. At the moment she has double vision and blurryness in the damaged eye, but its too soon to tell what the final outcome will be.

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Anonymous said...

Scans and X-rays are fascinating - but more so when they belong so someone that you don't love or if you haven't experienced the associated pain (speaking from experience)!

Hope Belle recovers soon - we'll be relying on your cruising blogs to keep us entertained!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream