Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sherborne Wharf, Birmingham

Sherborne Wharf
9th Jan 2011

If I can't go boating because of the ice, at least I can go and get an indirect watery fix by taking a wander around Sherborne Wharf. 

Sherborne Wharf and Gas St Basin are all within a 15 minute walk from my office, and with the weather warming up a bit I thought I would go and take a look. Whilst all the canals outside the city centre are still covered by a thick layer of ice, the warmth of the built up area has speeded up the thaw, returning the cut to its usual liquid form. This has left the moored boats gently bobbing on their moorings.

 nb's Caxton and Matilda Rose

As I making way past the northern end of the Sherborne loop I realised I was passing nb Caxton, which has been iced in for about six weeks. Whilst the boat seemed to be deserted I knocked on the roof and was delighted to discover that Joe was home - who promptly invited me in for a mug of tea and a good old natter. 

All in all a wander round the city centre waterfront plus 30 minutes with a fellow blogger was an excellent antidote to my waterways blues. Who knows, maybe the thaw will continue and we can all get moving again in the next few weeks.  

Joe - thanks for your hospitality.

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