Thursday, 15 June 2017


Windsor to Shepperton
June 2017

Last nights theatre trip was to see a new version of "Waiting for God" - a stage version of the early 1990's sitcom which originally starred Graham Crowden and Stephanie Cole as they moved into and created mayhem within Bay view Retirement Home. The visit to the Theatre Royal, Windsor was no highbrow thespian experience, but it was a light hearted comedy which brought back lots of memories form the original TV version.

Sunset at Shepperton

Windsor and Eton are lovely little towns across the river but both are somewhat blighted by the ceaseless drone of aircraft making for or leaving Heathrow. In fact, an American tourist was heard to comment "gee, what a cute castle, but why on earth did the Queen build it so close to the airport!". 

Helen in Eton

Windsor sculpture

Having spent weeks away from motorways suddenly they are everywhere. Yesterday it was the M4 heading west out of London and today it was the M25 and the M3. Crossing the M25 means we really are closing in on London and that's how it will stay for at least five weeks and we make our escape up the Grand Union. But before that there will be the Wey Navigation where we slip back into countryside for a while.

German skiffs

I have to admit that I like the Thames more as it becomes more workaday. The ultra grand houses are replaced by extravagantly extended riverside huts and the start of multi level houseboats. All very absorbing and interesting.

Real boats

We seem to have  left the  worst of the multi story wedding cake boats behind as well. This is more an area for the enthusiast to cares and maintain much more humble craft, more in keeping with what we are used to.

A failed cherry landing

It has been interesting to keep an eye on the ripening cherries. We have tried a few but they are not quite ready for jamming - maybe a week or two.

We ended up just short of Shepperton Lock and the junction with the Wey, the sun setting in a blaze of glory.

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