Wednesday, 29 December 2010

2010 Top 10 - No 3 Outing with Northern Pride

2010 Top 10 Boating Moments
Day out with Barry and Sandra from Northern Pride

I seem to have got my top ten boating moments out of chronological order. But never mind, they come in no particular order so it dosn't really matter that this one is out of sequence.

We had followed the travels of Sandra and Barry on their blog for over a year and were delighted when their itinerary brought them along the Staffs and Worcester Canal, mooring up opposite Calf Heath Marina all ready for a day out on Wand'ring Bark.

It was a wonderful day, Barry and I nattered about anything and everything at the stern whilst the girls sipped wine in the bows. I was so distracted I bumped just about every lock entrance but the day flashed by - a sure sign of a great day out.

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