Saturday, 4 December 2010

Making icicles

My new icicle machine

I have a new hobby, making icicles.

It's an interest which has sneaked up on me and suddenly there it is in full bloom. I don't have to look far to witness the object of my interest, its right there outside our back door.

The Icicle Works

We had new new boiler fitted in the autumn, one of those new fangled condensing units to replace the Potterton Netaheat which gave up the ghost after 24 years of sterling service. This new boiler is far more energy efficient than the old one, emitting cool vapour rather than the old one which pumped out huge wasteful quantities of red hot exhaust.

This means we now ceate a "plume" and a very water laden plume it is too. Water almost trickles out of the exhaust and it turns out that this combination is the creator of the most amazing icicles you ever have seen. Perhaps the most stunning thing is that they seem to be new every morning, changing in length and configuration depending on the temperature and the wind direction.

Its good to see some artistic output for our two grand, that and of course a toasty warm house.

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