Tuesday, 28 December 2010

2010 Top 10 - No 4 Gloucester Docks

2010 Top 10 Boating Moments
Gloucester Docks

I'm always a sucker for films where victory is snatched out of the jaws of adversity.

Our late August trip down the Severn could fall within this category. After a season plagued with drought we ventured down the River Severn with the aim of making a passage up the Avon. In the  event the Avon went into flood and we hurriedly decided on a "plan b" - down to the Gloucester Sharpness Canal.

All didn't go according to plan and the Severn followed suit, flooding up and trapping us in Gloucester for several days.

This particular cloud had a silver lining. Gloucester proved to be a lovely city with a spectacular cathedral and docks to die for.

Of course, at this time Wand'ring Bark was nursing factured propshaft coupling and a trip against a flooded Severn was about the last thing we wanted. The return home was therefore a bit of a white knuckle ride but all was well that ended well - we made it!

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Anonymous said...

The top 10 just gets better and better - Indigo Dream got stuck in Gloucester a few years ago - we're so pleased that she was. As you say, it's a great city and we might not have explored it otherwise.

Sue, nb Indigo Dream