Friday, 31 December 2010

2010 Top 10 - No1 Froghall

2010 Top Ten Boating Moments
Number One - Froghall Tunnel

I'm not sure if it's true to say that this is the highlight of 2010 - maybe it's truer to say it was in a very literal way, the low point of the boating year. Either way it was one of the more memorable moments and one which was eagerly anticipated.

Ever since we bought Wand'ring Bark I was a little sad that she appeared to be too high to make it through the Caldon's diminutive tunnel. This impression was reinforced during a visit a few years ago when we gave the warning guide a hearty smack which seemingly proved our excessive height beyond all reasonable doubt.

Subsequent research gave a glimmer of hope and we set off on the autumn trip with a plan to ballast down as much as we could, and give it a try.

In the event we made a very tentative entry and eased our way through, all the time waiting for the boat to wedge but that moment never came. The roof crowded down lower and lower but we squeezed through with about 1cm of clearance, emerging into a dusky Froghall Wharf with a fast beating heart but less a few bits of paint.

This unexpected success was certainly the most scary moment of the boating season, but also one of the most pleasurable. A worthy holder of the cherished No1 spot for 2010.

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