Thursday, 9 December 2010

Sutton Park devoid of colour

Sutton Park under a heavy frost
9th December 2010

Belle had an unexpected stay in QE Hospital Birmingham on Monday night. A routine outpatients appt with the consultant turned into an emergency admission when her wound erupted with blood, right in the hospital reception. I suppose it was a good place for it to happen but after lots of drama she was admitted for observations.

Longmoor Pool - Sutton Park

There then followed a day of shall we shan't we operate today with a final decision to leave it till Thursday (today). I didn't know if I was coming or going. I set off in the morning expecting to be on operation vigil only to turn back when it was cancelled. Hurrah, she can come home for the night - pick her up after two pm. They didn't say how long after two! I arrived and we waited and waited and waited for the discharge process to happen, finally leaving the ward at eight pm - six hours later. Don't get me wrong, the treatment has been second to none and staff lovely but they really need a lesson or two in expectation management. All this time poor Jeff was being bounced from friend to friend - thank goodness for text messaging.

Longmoor Valley - Sutton Park

Anyhow, in the midst of all this mayhem Jeff and I decided to get some fresh air with  a walk in Sutton Park, inspired by the amazing frost which had developed care of the minus 11 temperature overnight and freezing fog.

Frozen Beech - Westwood Coppice, Sutton Park

The park had been transformed into a glittering wonderland of ice. There is nothing like a bit of the great outdoors to restore ones inner karma.

Central Hill in Sutton Park

So today its back to the hospital for a repair to her lower orbital ridge (cheekbone). I will let you know how it all goes.


Halfie said...

Lovely photos, Andy. I trust all will go well with Belle.

Ray and Jayne Travelling in No Direction said...

Sutton Park was on my Cycle route to work for 10 years, in through Hartopp gate and out through Boldmere.