Saturday, 11 December 2010

Discovering the Bradley Loop - Tibbington

Discovering the Bradley Loop
December 2010

Its hard to know what to call the section from Bloomfield to Summer Hill. The old maps refer it as Tibbington but this name has been swept away beneath a covering of nondescript 1950's housing.

1902 map of Tibbington area

The canal route breaks out from beneath the slag heap, and is immediately used as a watercourse, tracing out its old line including a distinct inlet where another basin led off.

Old basin at Tibbington

This may have been arable fields in 1904 when the map was drawn, but it's all housing now. The canal survived in water from 1771  to 1961 but its line is now just a broad stand of trees, much used by dog walkers. The line is distinct, if somewhat dry all the way to Upper Church Lane, easy to follow and entirely suitable for cycles.

Canal line towards Upper Church Lane

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