Thursday, 2 December 2010

Belle's broken

Belle's accident
2nd December 2010

Belle has had a bit of an accident. She slipped and fell on our drive in the snow, landing sideways hitting her head on to a low wall.

For those of you with a squeamish disposition please look away now.

Oops, sorry, too late - you looked didn't you?

When Belle tumbles she usually does in in style, but she dosn't often actually break anything. Sadly this one was exceptional. After three ambulance rides and two hospitals it was concluded that her eye is ok, but she has fractured her cheekbone (non medical description) in three places and probably needs an operation to fix it. So its back to hospital for a consult with the Max Fax boys.

Thanks for all of you who also frequent the pages of Facebook and who have offered kind works of sympathy and encouragement. Many of you have asked what you can do to help:

Facebook comments are good
Prayer is very good
Tomato soup, it appears, is even better!

So, we are well stocked with soup (smooth), orange juice (smooth), bread (white and so soft it melts in the mouth) and two tubs of vanilla ice cream (also smooth). I suspect you are getting the idea that she isn't keep on lumps right now.

The blog is as well stoked with material, as is our fire indoors, so I will keep posting through these frigid days. Hopefully, when the thaw arrives, Belle will be on the road to recovery and both Debdale and Chertsey will be back on the move.


Starcross said...

Andy, I'm afraid I can't do Facebook, prayer or soup but I do hope that Belle has a speedy recovery from what looks like a very nasty accident. My thoughtd are with you.

Anonymous said...

Ouch - poor Belle - hope you feel better soon.

I have to say that I wouldn't wish a broken bone on my worst enemy. Forget the soup - just make sure you get the painkillers!

Sue, Indigo Dream

Sue said...

Oh Capt that looks awful, poor Belle.. Ouch..

Speedy recovery wished from us.. plenty of practice now on homemade soups for you..

Sue & Vic

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

that looks very painful, I hopeshe is soon feeling better.

What name do you use on Facebook

Carol said...

I do hope Belle feels better soon

Halfie said...

Yee-ouch! Cor! Wot a corker! (but Jan says I shouldn't say that.)

I nearly slipped over a couple of times walking on the treacherous icy pavements last night - then I walked in the road.

I can't send soup, and I'm not a FaceBooker, but I can and will pray for Belle. (And that she forgives you for posting that somewhat less than flattering photo!)

Captain Ahab said...

Thanks for all your kind comments. Belle is being very brave and I am doing my best to keep her comfortable.
In my defence of the photo, I only posted it after she has applied a similar one on her facebook account!

belle said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments and good wishes. Falling over is something I am spectacularly good at. I seem to be less good at getting up these days ... *sigh* However, there is an upside. My bruises are co-ordinating beautifully with my new purple glasses so maybe I'll start a new trend? No?

seadog said...

Very sorry to see Belle's injury. What a dull place to put a wall, just where she fell! If a distraction is needed would you like to read "Saul Adam". Interesting light read and relates to our trip to Sharpness. I have a copy if you haven't read it.

Captain Ahab said...

Thanks for your words of concern.
We would love to read Saul Adam - If you send me your email addess as a comment I will reply with our postal addess (I promise not to publish the comment on the blog!)

Halfie said...

How is Belle now? Much better, I hope.