Saturday, 25 December 2010

2010 Top 10 - No7 Gas St Basin

2010 Top 10 - Number 7
Gas St Basin Birmingham

First and foremost, happy Christmas one and all. Especially those of you that are locked in the ice or are feeling thwarted by the weather, which probably captures just about all of you!

Continuing my series of 2010 boating reflections:

Gas St is a haunt I return to time and time again, the spiritual heart of the entire canal network

Memory No 7 was another nocturnal expedition, again at 11.00pm on a Saturday night.

During my late night wandering I was offered a veritable smorgasbord of unsavoury carnal pleasures, enough to raise even my worldly wise eyebrows. But I wasn't after salacious titillation, I was on the hunt for photos for my Open University course. All strictly above board and innocent.

Have a great day everyone. I dont suppose I need to caution against too much alchohol and the risks of falling in. At the moment the worst you would suffer are a few bruises!

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Paul said...

Nice photo.

The contrasts are very good, well spotted.