Monday, 27 December 2010

2010 Top 10 - No 5 Abingdon with Northern Pride

2010 Top 10 - Number 5
Abingdon with Northern Pride

Happy Christmas one and all.

Identifying the next highlight was an easy decision. We had been tracking the progress of Northern Pride for the last 18 months and maintained regular contact, meeting up wherever an opportunity presented itself.

It became apparent that out paths might cross on the Thames. As the days passed a rendevous in Abingdon became a real possibility. We hurried down from Thrupp, passing through Abingdon Lock just as the keeper was going off duty to find Barry and Sandra waving wildly. They had saved us a mooring and planned an evening of "fun games". Fun was in as plentiful supply that evening, as was Barry's home brew. Glasses were filled and refilled as we learned 6 Handed Rummy - with the golden rule of never buy in the last round. Guess who forgot and blew his chances of a victory!

A hilarious evening was had when the river echoed to the sounds of our laughter and Jeff (fill it up) got quietly Brahms and List for the first time in his life!

Sandra and Barry - no canals but at least its warm in New Zealand! Happy Christmas.

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Northern Pride said...

Bless you Captain Ahab! It was a marvellous, and definitely needs to go down in history as an evening filled with many magic moments.
Happy Christmas to you and yours also, and a very Happy New Year - hope Belle's face recovers soon.
Love and hugs from the sunny Southern Hemisphere.