Saturday, 2 May 2020

Wednesbury Old Canal

Wednesbury Old Canal

The Wednesbury Old Canal branched off just above the top of the Ryders Green Locks, and was navigable to the Ridgacre Branch as recently as 1973. The construction of the Black Country Spine Road cut off the far end and, by degrees, the rest has silted up to the point that the canal is no longer navigable for more than a few hundred yards.

But before we get there, near Pudding Green Junction LMS's Albion Basin formed a railway interchange link:

Ryders Green Junction to Wednesbury Old Canal 1974 (Hugh Potter)

It all starts so well!

And then this happens

The same length when the canal carried trade

Wednesbury Old Canal today (I navigated this in 2008)

Wednesbury Old Canal looking west from above the gasworks

Navigation blocked 1993 (Kev Maslin)

The new end of the canal 1993 (Kev Maslin)

Izon Bridge Parapet 1975
(The Izon branch was back up the canal towards Pudding Green Junction - but I wanted to capture this photo I added it here!)

The above photos have been assembled from various sources, including those freely found on the internet. My thanks go to the many photographers alive and dead who have contributed to this collection and in so doing, are keeping the memory of these lost canals alive. These images are reproduced for ease of research are are not necessarily the property of this blog, and as such should not be used for commercial gain without the explicit permission of the owner (whoever that may be).

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