Saturday 23 February 2008

Bangers in Penkridge

23rd Feb 2008
Calf Heath to Penkridge

Staffs and Worcester Canal

14 miles
12 locks
7 Hours

A family day out with a full contingent including the Bag people. Weather was unexpectedly dry but a bit of a raw northerly wind all day.

Only saw one other boat on the move – Helouise from CH marina.

We had a great lunch of sausage sandwiched in Penkridge basin.

Sunday 3 February 2008

Overnight to Brewood

2nd and 3rd Feb 2008
Calf Heath to Brewood

Staffs & Worcester and Shropshire Union

24 miles
2 locks
8 hours

A fantastic impromptu weekend away with great weather for the time of year. No coats or gloves needed for this very familiar trip up the Shropshire Union with the Capt, Belle and Jeff (Tilly at school). We had a meal at the Bridge pub which offered very limited selection as it was being sold the following day!
Wand'ring Bark performed perfectly after its winter break and, as usual, it was toasty and warm with the fire lit. The Capt tried out his digital new camera which will feature regularly in the log from now on. We woke at 9.30 to hear the birds singing in the trees and the church bells calling the faithful to worship.