Trip Reports

Trip Reports

There is no better way of getting a feel for a new waterway route than hearing a first hand account from someone who has been there. The strange thing is that no matter how often I do a route, there always seems to be something new to photograph or comment on.

The following provide links to the first page of my various trip reports, which themselves carry links to all the subsequent posts in the series. These reports were written when the ugly "work" thing featured in our lives, and our travels were often hurried affairs with deadlines looming to get back to the office. Whilst I cant quite bring myself to describe my situation as "retired" we now spend our summer months lazily exploring the canals and rivers of the UK, towing The Jam Butty and attending various canal festivals along the way. 

I do post intermittent updates from our current wanderings, but the following trip reports represent a different phase of our boating lives, and the tab is retained mainly for posterity.

I hope you enjoy reading about the places we have visited aboard Wand'ring Bark and hope that our experiences will inspire you to take a look yourself. If you cant get there on the water, sit back and enjoy the on line reports.

Caldon - October 2012
Sharpness, Avon and Cropredy - August 2012
BCN Marathon Challenge 2012 - Jun 2012
Worcsester Ring - May 2012
Llangollen and Four Counties Ring - April 2012
Stafford for bottom blacking - November 2011
Black Country Museum - November 2011
Caldon - September 2011
Severn Crossing - Portishead to Sharpness - August 2011
Huddersfield Ring (Trent / Huddersfield Narrow) - August 2011
Stourport Ring and Droitwich Canal - July 2011
Stratford on Avon - May 2011
BCN Challenge 2011 (24 hour endurance race) - May 2011
Leicester Ring - April 2011
Shroppie autumn trip - September 2010
Four Counties Ring and Caldon Canal - October 2010
Gloucester via the Severn - August 2010
Oxford and London - August 2010
Stourport Ring - May 2010
Manchester Ring with Weaver Navigation - April 2010
Shroppie autumn trip - October 2009
Stourport Ring - July 2009
Birmingham Canal Navigations - Southern Section - May 2009
South Pennine Ring - April 2009
Shroppie autumn cruise - October 2008
Stratford - July 2008
Birmingham Canal Navigations - Western Section - May 2008
Boston - March 2008
Caldon Canal - July 2007
Birmingham Canal Navigations - Northern Waters - May 2007
Llangollen - April 2007