Sunday 6 January 2019

Canal Hunter series marches on

Canal Hunter YouTube series update
Jan 2019

Following the initial launch of the Canal Hunter series I have settled into a routine of posting one episode each weekend, usually on a Friday.

I now have episodes one to three live and the first series will continue for for a total of seven episodes.

For ease of finding them the links to the three live episodes are below:

The rest of the series will continue to explore the lost sections linked to the original Birmingham Canal through to Balls Hill.

Next weekends episode will look at the various summits at Smethwick. 

Based on the positive feedback and viewing figures I have decided to make a second series this time following the second phase of canal building connecting the Birmingham Canal to the Staffs and Worcester at Wolverhampton, seeking out all those lost miles and maybe finding a hidden story here and there.

Undertaking the research and revisiting all these obscure corners if the BCN is proving to be a real joy, but i-movie crashing perhaps less so!

I hope you are enjoying following my explorations of 'The Other 60 Miles" - I will post a link each time I release an edition so you can find them easily.