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The following is a link to my Life at 2.3 miles an hour YouTube channel, which includes all my Canal Hunter videos.

Canal Hunter YouTube Videos


Michael said...

Hi Andy
Just watched your latest Longwood to P. Barr toplock.
Must have walked this so often, & boated same many times. As a kid I lived much of my life near the Tame Valley, up to teenage not far from the Wednesbury section, near Balls Hill & then near Green Lane bridge. My recollection of commercial use was near the latter, both tug & a few horsedrawn. That all stopped in 1963 winter, I was 17, we were snowed in for months, the cut froze end of......
Hamstead Colliery was nearby, went past on the bus to school. An overhead coal transport system using cablecars ran over the road at Hamstead village taking coal up towards a wharf & truck transport exchange not far from where Perry Barr top lock is located. The National Coal Board in about 1960 spent a lot of money revamping Hamstead Colliery. Included relocating a considerable number of mining families from the worked out Durham coalfield. They built flats & maisonettes closeby adjacent to Spoutehouse Lane aqueduct to house these families which became known as the "Geordie Estate" As a teenager at that time you soon learned to avoid that area, these were tough guys & it was tribal, you crossed them at peril. The pit closed by the late 60's & of course the Geordies, fine people, were assimilated by then.
Not far away as the crow flies was Jubilee Colliery. This was across the valley of the Tame & geographically not far from the Hawthorns, the home ground of West Bromwich Albion. A truck cabledrawn railway went from this colliery over to a wharf near the football ground, I think in Smethwick, where there was access to both road, rail & canal, again pit closed in the eary 60's. Our school cross-country run course was near & when we were daring we'd hitch a ride on the trucks.
Finally, I mention Balls Hill above, the is a bridge named for that on the Wednesbury section of the Tame Valley Canal.
The bare-knuckle heavyweight champion William Perry, The Tipton Slasher, wno started in life on the canals freighting "night soil" to the River Severn, fought one of his bouts at Balls Hill Bridge on his way to the title. They were of course illegal, like cock fights, dog fights etc, so they'd start early & hope to get the fight declared over by the time the constabulary wised up.

Unknown said...

Hi Andy
Just watched your engine maintenance videos. Perfect for me as I also have a eastern caravans and narrowboats boat - same as yours.
For topping up your batteries, get one of these
They are brilliant, and make the topping up process very quick, and you don't have to try to see inside the cells.
Best regards
Stan King

Andy Tidy said...

Thats looks a handy tool - better than a water bottle and listen to the tinkle approach!