Monday 12 June 2006

Journey Home - Amington to Gt Haywood

Monday 12th June 2006
Amington to Gt Haywood
Coventry Canal, Birmingham & Fazeley Canal and Trent & Mersey Canal

27 Miles
7 Locks
10 hours

A slightly shorter day but glorious sunshine all the way. Mr M decided it was his duty to maintain a steady supply of liquid refreshment as we made our way through Glasgote Fazely, Seethay, Fradley and them along the Trent and Mersey through Rugely to moor at Great Haywood, just as the sun sank beneath the horizon. At we neared Gt Haywood we reviewed the substantial pile of empties and wondered just how we had managed to consume so much... little and often seemed to be the answer!

We elected to pass through Gt Haywood lock and moor just before Haywood Junction, allowing us to walk back into the village for some pub food, and another pint or so. On this particular evening an art class was in full swing painting all aspects and details of the locks. They watched as I stepped between the open lower gates and observed that it was a good thing I hadn't been drinking. Curiously, it was a thought that had just passed through my inebriated consciousness and for a moment I had considered taking the long way round, just to be on the safe side. Whilst their warning was a bit late, they did have a point!

We had a good meal in the village pub, a regular destination which never fails to satisfy. The mooring was quiet and due to the warmth of the night we slept with the hatches open.

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