Friday 18 August 2006

Cheshire Ring - Saltersford to Bartington Wharf

Cheshire Ring - Saltersford to Bartington Wharf
18th August 2006
Trent & Mersey Canal

2 Miles
0 Locks
1 Hours

The last day of a hire boat trip is always a serious anti climax - just a short run to have the boat in by 10.00 am.

We arrived within 10 mins of the prescribed time and were the subject of the usual checking out process.

We confessed to three losses, a windlass on the Rochdale "no problem", a tumbler in Bugsworth "normal" and a wife at Sandbach. "Oh, now that is unusual. We havn't had a missing wife for years but don't worry sir, there is no surcharge!".

It was a good week covering an interesting route. It was a shame that we were not on Wand'ring Bark, but all in good time.

I liked the Black Prince boat, it was constructed of very solid steel and would make a good private purchase, if you don't mind the very distinctive Black Prince style. My bit gripe is the rear deck. It is large but with it being flat to the sides there was an ever present danger of coffee cups etc rolling off.

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