Friday 24 June 2011

Stratford 2011 - Mad Hatters Tea Party

Stratford 2011 - Mad Hatters Tea Party
16th May 2011

After a morning of bustle and activity we moved WB onto the river, all part of the spectacle to a couple of hundred tourists who ringed the lock and generally got in the way.

Gambian Drummer

Our favourite mooring is just downstream of the foot ferry, opposite the temporary theatre. No sooner has we moored up than a Gambian chap wandered up and asked if we minded him doing a spot of drumming on the adjacent seat. Of course we didn't mind and our preparations continued to the accompanied by the sounds of West Africa.

Wand'ring Bark at Statford Foot Ferry

Belle's academic friends rolled up through the afternoon, feasting on scones spread with  Plumb, Compost Heap and Dandelion Jam plus a varied selection of cake including Victoria Sponge with Lavender ans sponge drizzled with Spring Juices Sauce. There delectations were all washed down with Pimms, Gin and Tonic and a Cucumber and Mint concoction (which was surprisingly refreshing).

 Belle - the hostess extrordinaire

It was good to see all Belle's college friends, all busy discussing dissertation ideas and things Shakesperian. 

We spent the evening in Grants who offer another excellent meal from their a la carte menu and rounded of our visit to Stratford in some style. The Capt had Chicken Liver and Duck Froi Gras followed by Lamb and topped off with Pear Tart whilst Belle had Omlette with Seared Scallops and Lemon Creme Brulee for pudding. This is a quality restaurant with high standards, but not snobbish in the least. The bill came out at £40 per head including wine, so its a treat but well worth the money for a special occasion.


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