Wednesday 7 March 2012

Tower Bridge London

Tower Bridge London
March 2012

Work regularly brings me to London, and this frequently involves overnight stays which sometimes  offer scope for some night time photography.

Photography in the dark is a particularly challenging environment and no matter how much I practice, it still seems a very hit and miss affair with many bad shots needed to get something passable.

Last week I spent a couple of nights at the Tower Geoman, the hotel beside tower bridge which has been undergoing a pre Olympic tart up and the end result is nothing short of magical. In fact, the bridge stands there is all its Gothic majesty and wouldn't look out of place in Disneyland. As I stay at the Geoman quite regularly they give me a bit of choice when it comes to room selection and this is the view which greeted me as I drew the curtains apart in the morning:

Tower Bridge, London with the nearly completed Shard

This is a relatively modern bridge, built between 1884 and 1902 to cater for demand on the East End, and built high enough for the tall masted ships to enter the Pool of London south of London Bridge. For more history click here.

The following images capture some of the night time facets of this amazing structure.


Nb Yarwood said...

I think you can feel rather proud of that effort Captain.

Anonymous said...

Fab pics, brilliant photography. Great view.
Just about to tender my vote.

Ian and Karen said...

Great pics. The lighting is fantastic. Have you ever taken Wand'ring Bark under the bridge?

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks guys - I really enjoyed my evening out and about with my tripod. Karen - no, not yet. Its one of my ambitions to get WB on the London tideway, but I am quite happy to wait. Its good to have some unfulfilled watery ambitions. It means that there is always a good reason to return!

Sue said...

Great pictures Capt. Well fantastic actually. What settings and set up did you use? Pretty please so that I can have a go at a bit of night stuff