Saturday 11 August 2012

Waterways World - Telfords Tub Boat Canals

Telford's Tub Boat Canals
Waterways World Article
August 2012

It's my usual practice to buy a copy of Waterways World whenever I am near a chandlery / boatyard / WHS in Euston Station which effectively means every month. 

Well, I dropped into Napton Narrowboats a couple of days ago and resister the urge to look for the September Edition and sure enough, a complimentary copy was waiting for me on my doormat. 

September's edition contains the concluding account of my exploration of Telford's Tub Boat Canals. Having re read it, they seem to have done a good job of editing because it sounds like me - and any historical errors and entirely my own!

To save you rifling through the magazine, its on page 74 under "Explore".

But thats not all. Delighted as I was to see my work in print, page 81contains a feature on Belle's Wildside Preserves from our time at the Chesterfield Festival. Thanks Hugh...

Wildside Preserves website can be found here.

And finally, if that's not enough, I was taking a look at the news pages and lo and behold a familiar image already posted on this blog of massed boats (well, three) at Staveley Basin. The Canal Society did ask if they could use it, but I didn't realise it would feature in WW. Dont get me wrong, I am fine with it and it was nice to be credited.


Halfie said...

I looked all through the August issue (at Whilton Chandlers, with the sales staff waiting!) - I think I told you - without finding your article. Too well hidden! Never mind, I read it all here.

Northern Pride said...

Fantastic! Fame at last and well deserved Helen - and of course Andy's fame continues!
Sooo looking forward to catching you both again next year :-)
Sandra & Barry