Sunday 20 October 2013

Small Boat to Luxembourg - book review

Small Boat to Luxembourg
by Roger Pilkington
October 2013

Summer is not a big book reading season for me - there is far too must other stuff to be getting on with which leaves little time for books. 

That means that this installment from the Pilkington stable took a while to work through, weeks in fact. That may mean that I didnt give the book adequate attention, or that the book is a clunker which failed to engage with it.

The thing I like about these books is that they cover ground I know nothing about but the formulae is to weave the journey in with a historical narrative. Pilkington treads a fine line between these two strands and providing the travel element is strong enough he pulls it off.

This edition sees Thames Commodore milling around over familiar waters, aiming to cover a new line into Luxembourg but as a result there is loads and loads of historical and mythical stuff, far more than is readily digestible. 

To be honest, this feels like a "churn it out" edition and I can only hope that he returns to form in the next one! 

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