Friday 8 November 2013

Shroppie foraging trip 2013 - Norbury

Back to Norbury
November 2013

The Shroppie ma be very tranquil but you have to admit that it a bit short on shops. We had just about cleaned Brewood out of supplies for jam making and I had been holding Market Drayon out as a promised land for shopping. The reality is of course that Mkt Drayton is a town which has had its centre wrecked by out of town supermarkets but it does have a good Asda (I think) which is about 10 mins walk from the canal.

Tyrely Locks - Shropshire Union Canal

I was weighed down with 10kg of sugar (the max load I will carry without complaint) and it was back to the boat for a late season engine service and then a lazy start through the locks in a lovely still autumn morning with hardly a cloud in the sky. It wasn't a day to hurry so we pottered along picking sloes as we found them.

Misty Woodseaves Cutting

Last night my brother had been in touch and we agreed to meet up for a meal at Gnosall but all our messing around coupled with over an hour on the Norbury water tap caused us to run out of time and daylight so they diverted to Norbury and drove us the three miles to Gnosall. Two nights an two meals out - things are looking up.

Herbs at Tyrely Locks

Knowing my interest in DIY cider, my brother arrives with a couple of sacks full of eaters destined for the press. If you saw any other boat with sacks on the rook you would assume coal. Not with us - foraged fruit more like! 

Anyway, it was one of those great days which slide by like a good pint, satisfying and leaving you wanting more.

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