Tuesday 4 February 2014

Combe Hay Locks - central section

Somerset Coal Canal
Combe Hay Locks
February 2014

The Combe Hay locks deserve a higher profile than they currently enjoy, 22 locks packed tightly into a short site weaving up a side valley and performing canal equivalent of a hairpin bend to climb the hillside.

Combe Hay lock 15

The SCC Society have been very active in the area, clearing the debris from the rough hewn chambers and generally opening the place up for us all to see and enjoy.

Combe Hay locks 12 to 14

During my visit it had rained heavily and the canal channel contained a good trickle of rain which all added to the atmosphere.

Between locks 10 and 11 the canal turns through 170 degrees in a space barely wide enough for a full length boat to wind, the outside edge worn smooth from bows being hauled round.

Combe Hay 170 degree turn

Locks 9 and 10 are a bit off the beaten track but are arguable the most fascinating on the flight, shrouded in ferns they have a prehistoric look about them and amazingly the skeleton if the bottom gates of lock 9 remain in place. ajar just wide enough to let a canal enthusiast to wander into the chamber. Not bad for a canal abandoned over 100 years ago.

Combe Hay lock 10

Combe Hay lock 9

If you ever find yourself in the Bath area with a couple of hours to kill set Combe Hay into your Sat Nav and take a look for yourself.


Unknown said...

Hi Andrew.

What is the lock number for the third pic from the top?

Thanks, Tom

Unknown said...

Hi Andrew.

WHat's the lock number for the third pic from the top?

Thanks, Tom

Unknown said...

Had to do a delivery to comb hay and seen this structure in a field so sat for ages wondering what it was when I looked it up on the net this is what I found it's very interesting to read about this

AJUK said...

That's exactly how I found it.