Saturday, 22 November 2014

New Locker Project

New Locker Project
November 2014

We have a long list of winter boat maintenance projects on our to do list, not least the long awaited front lockers / seats in the bows.

The catalyst for this particular task was the purchase of two sheets of Buffalo Board to make new engine and gas locker covers. The old ones were 12 years old were so weary that there was a significant chance of water getting in so new boards became essential. In for a penny and all that so I bought enough to construct the long awaited lockers.

The basic frame is built

This it a tricky job as there are no right angles to work with so everything is built by eye, fitting where it touches. I settled on a freestanding approach, with a false floor in one locker to take windlass's etc and the other one with no base to accept water bottles, water hose and other wet stuff.

... and then covered with Buffalo Board

The project started with the rusting floor being stripped repainted to give a good base.

After spending a couple of mornings on the task things are shaping up. One locker is just about complete with its  Buffalo Board sheeting applied and a hinged lid fitted on. The other has its frame built, a mirror image of the first, and the main panels cut out.

Just one more session and they should be complete, leaving me ready seal the raw edges and then move onto the big job of the winter, the replacement of the solid fuel stove.

Update 29th November:

I spent another three hours on this project and completed the second locker, a much easier task with something to copy.

 The finished tesult

The end result is pretty good, although I still need to seal the raw edges to prevent water ingress.And then there is the table.......

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