Tuesday 1 September 2015

Due south for Stratford

Due south for Stratford
September 2015

At last, a better day when the camera was pressed back into action.

The beautiful South Stratford Canal

The South Stratford was heaving as we set out south from Kingswood Junction, with everyone and their dog working through the lower locks of the Lapworth Flight. In fact there was one Anglo Welsh Crew who lost their Labrador overboard whilst exiting a lock and I watched the owner / steerer trying to decide if he should leave the moving boat to save the dog or what. In the end he hauled the dog out and jumped back on the boat whilst I rounded up the shaken mutt and made sure he was ok till his owner got back.

 Gormley's creation at Lowensford (I think the statue is peering down Mts T's cleavage ;-))

It was a day of sunshine and showers as we headed south, making for a mooring at Wilmcote before tackling the final descent into Stratford tomorrow morning and a meeting with Helen's thespian friends who will visit us between appearing in plays at the RSC.

 Hmm - that's a small boat....

We seemed to spend the day with Antipodean visitors not least the couple who met us at Lowsonford Lock. They stood there bemused by the Anthony Gormley statue, staring balefully into the swirling waters in the lock chamber below.

Edstone Aqueduct - South Stratford Canal

Pictures were taken and explanations offered before we set off again, making steady if slow progress through the Preston Bagot locks and over the three aqueducts which grow in splendor till the Edstone Aqueduct was reached, which saw us flying over a shallow valley to a grove of very productive damson trees beyond.

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