Saturday, 20 April 2019

Wrapping up series two of Canal Hunter

Wrapping up series two of Canal Hunter
April 2019

For the readers who don't subscribe to Canal Hunter on YouTube, but like to follow my exploration of lost canals, here are all the links to the second series.

The second series follows the extended Birmingham Canal out to Wolverhampton and the Staffs and Worcester Canal at Aldersley, exploring the lost sections which attach to it.

1. Titford branches including Tat Bank, Causeway Green and Portway Branches.

2. Oldbury Loop plus the Chemical Arm and Rattlechain Lagoon

3. Toll End Communication Canal and the Haines Branch

4. Wednesbury Oak Loop to Bradley

5. Bradley Locks and Gospel Oak Branches

6. Basins of Wolverhampton

7. Around the Wolverhampton 21 Locks\

Whilst not on the BCN, I also made a short video in Manchester looking for the Manchester and Salford Junction Canal

With the trees coming back into leaf and the undergrowth obscuring the remains on the ground, that brings my hunt for lost canals to an end for the season. However, I suspect that my enthusiasm for canal linked history will result in a few more videos over the summer! 

Happy Hunting.

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