Sunday, 31 January 2021

BCN Cottages - Wyrley and Essington Canal

BCN Cottages - Wyrley and Essington Canal 

Ogley Locks Section (Lichfield Canal)

Known cottage locations

Cottage 267
No known photo but shown on map at Lock 23:

BCN Cottage 30

Located at Huddlesford

Photos by Arthur Watts from the CRT archive

BCN Cottage 269

Contemporary photo located at Muckley Corner on the A5

BCN Cottages 271 and 272 (the highest numbers)

Located at the top of the Ogley Locks

Now owned by the LHCRT in preparation for the restoration of the canal.

BCN Cottage 204

Sneyd Junction

Ice breaker at Sneyd with 204 on top left

BCN Cottage 210

Located at Coalpool

Photo by Hugh Potter 1971

BCN Cottage 265

Located next toLock 24 on the Ogley Locks section.

Photo by Hugh Potter

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