Thursday 26 July 2007

Caldon Canal - Aston Lock to Penkridge

26th July 2007
Flint Mill to Aston Lock
Trent & Mersey and Staffs & Worcester

19 Miles
21 Locks
10 Hours

Today was as bad as yesterday was good - a sort of nautical ying and yang.
It chucked it down all day, testing the Captain's wet weather all the way to it's limits and then some. After a drenching morning we decided on a long lunch in the shelter of the tree lined section of the S&W, between Gt Haywood Junction and Tixall Wide moving on again when the rain slowed to a mere downpour. The intervening days had done little to reduce the water levels of the Sow and the Penk, and the vast lakes remained, topped up by the continuing deluges.
We finally made it to Penkridge, mooring up above Filance Lock and walking back to eat a meal in the newly redecorated Boat Inn. The food and beer was good and I will use the pub again - well worth another visit.

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