Monday 7 April 2008

Birmingham to Boston Conclusion

Reference Books used during trip

Nicholson - Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and the North East

The Trent Chart Series:

No. 1 : Non Tidal, Nottingham to Cromwell

No. 2 : Tidal Trent, Cromwell to Trent Falls
Available at Sawley Marina

Ripon Motor Boat Club - Cruising Guide to the North East Eastern Waterways

Pearson - Stourport and Black Country Rings plus the BCN

The Trent Chart series are an absolute must and a No3 exists for the
Yorkshire Ouse if you venture beyond Trent falls.

Special requirements for the tidal reaches:
  1. Anchor with chain and rope available to hand (at stern if possible)
  2. VHF radio to contact locks and monitor commercial traffic movements
  3. Fully charged Mobile Phone
  4. Life Jackets for all crew
  5. Life ring close to hand
  6. Navigation Lights for times of poor visibility
  7. Up to date maps / charts
  8. 100% reliable engine

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