Wednesday 28 September 2011

Huddersfield Ring 2011 - Marple to Bugsworth

Huddersfield Ring
Marple Aqueduct to Bugsworth
12th August 2011

And so we come to the end of another Watery Tale. Our two week holiday which took us down the length of the Trent and over the Pennines is over.

We slogged our way up the Marple flight, following another boat and so having to turn every one. The ramblers kept us company on the lower half and then as we entered the town a steady stream of gongoozlers helped pass the time of day.

Kids are fascinated by boats and Belle gave three of them a ride through a lock - much to their delight. 

Wand'ring Barks 2011 floral display

With nowhere to moor at the top we pressed on, eating as on the move and searching for a source of diesel and a pump out. My Pearson suggested an Anglo Welsh base but that has been consigned to history but finally, a mile or so before Bugsworth, we came across a private marina who offer both services. It was a bit of  a run around to find someone to help us, but we got there in the end.

During my hunt for staff I came across firstly an amazing Ferrari out front and then four racing cars being prepared out back. The mechanic was very happy to show us round these formula threes, two fitted with specialist engines and two with Toyota MR2's. Jeff loves his cars and was in his element drooling over their sleek lines and complex innards. It turns out that the marina owner is a keen motor racing enthusiast. 

Then it was on the Bugsworth and  journeys end. Time to clean the boat, drink a pint or two in the  Navigation Inn and then off to sleep. This location is very atmospheric but slightly marred by the road noise from the A6 which skirts the southern boundary.

Martin and Adam duly arrived with our car the next day, returning to Birmingham via the Harecastle Tunnel. Capt Ahab is becoming more well known and Martin reported a significant increase in the number of "Aye Aye Captain's" hurled in his direction!

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