Thursday 29 September 2011

Moorings and Facilities on the BCN

Birmingham Canal Navigations
Moorings and Facilities
September 2011

One of my more enduringly popular posts is my list of preferred mooring sites on the BCN. The fact that the post attracts a steady stream of visitors means that it is a question on every boaters lips.

My list is a bit hit and miss, based on my personal experience but as my knowledge of the BCN has grown I have found other sites I would use. They may be in the Championship rather than the Premier League, but they are quite safe and usable.

The Birmingham Canal Navigations Society (BCNS) has recently published an up to date list of suggested moorings on the BCN whih includes the various facilities dotted around.

Its a real shame that the BCN  carries an unfortunate reputation for grime and crime - the reality is so different.

As the flyer says:

.... admittedly, some parts do pass through industrial areas - but remember - that is the reason they were built in the first place! There are many others which remain amazingly rural and completely unspoilt. Nowhere is this more apparent than the delightful areas of the northern BCN, providing many miles of trouble-free cruising.

Every boater should sample more of the BCN than a mad dash down the New Main Line. Its a fascinating 100 mile wonderland and if the idea of venturing onto those obscure remaindered canals to the north is a bit too much for you, why not have a bash at the BCN Marathon Challenge which will be taking place over the late May bank holiday in 2012 or if that is a bit too frenetic there is always the annual explorer cruise which covers the same ground over a more leisurely six days.

For up to date information on the BCN keep an eye on the BCNS website.

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