Monday 5 December 2011

Horstead Mill - Autumn Colours

Horstead Mill - Autumn Colours
November 2011

We recently attended my mothers 80th Birthday celebration in Norfolk and our return took us past Horstead Mill, one of my favourite locations.

I realised that Belle had never seen this spot, and maybe, just maybe, there would be some beech leaves clinging to the branches of the trees near the site of the old lock keepers cottage.

We walked over and were rewarded with a splendid autumnal display.

If I were to be cremated I would like my ashes sprinkled here - but as I plan to be buried that could be a little difficult.......


Carol said...

beautiful pictures!

Ian and Karen said...

What lovely colours, Beech never fails to disappoint.

Ali and John (NB Triskaideka) said...

Lovely photos!

Unknown said...

Fantastic Photos - Not that many leaves on the trees up here anymore and prob nothing by the end of the week looking at the forecast!!