Thursday, 19 June 2014

Sign Writing Montgomery

Sign Writing
June 2014

Sign writing, like plastering, is one of those activities which is generally best left to the experts.

I know my limitations and I can't sign write to the standard needed to make the most of The Jam Butty so I called on the services of Jim McCormack ( Jim applied the lettering to Wand'ring Bark seven years ago and I have always been delighted with the work he produces so I had no hesitation about using him again.

Jim worked like a Trojan for over six hours today and this was the end result:

 A retro Cratch Plate

 Jim McCormack in action

Stern Bends and cabin sides

What do you think?


seadog said...

Looks smashing.Had a chat with him today.Top man.

John Garghan said...

He's done a great job although he looks very uncomfortable while doing it

Nb Yarwood said...

You have 'a result!' as they say.

Nick Holt said...


I'd say that the gorgeous newlettering is the 'icing' on a very special cake!
You've got yourself a stunning little boat there Captain!
It looks a treat and the colours are just right. The cratch is particularly successful to my eye, really capturing the essence of old commercial signwriting. A grand job all round!
best wishes

Geoff and Mags said...

I agree with Nick
The retro style really does the boat justice. Good choice.

Halfie said...

Looks great, Andy. Is that a skateboard he's sitting on?

Andy Tidy said...

Thanks for all the positive feedback. Halfie - yes it is a skateboard which helps him bottom shuffle!