Wednesday 29 April 2015

A Breasted Pair

Stourport to Worcester
April 2015

Today was a big day for us. This was the first time we got to try out the pair of boats on moving water - the River Severn in this case. 

Getting out of Stourport was one long series of delays, wait for water to heat, wait for showers, wait for the slow water tap, wait for and finally wait for the locks and finally wait for C&RT to replace the paddles on one of the narrow locks. In the end one of C&RT staff let us down the Barge Locks, consuming an estimated 95,000 gallons of water and visibly reducing the level of water in the basin as a result.

Stourbridge Basin

This change of plans had an upside in that we were able to assemble the pair abreast configuration before we reached the river. I had been warned to expect the abreast pair to "handle like a pig" but in the event it was a surprisingly benign pairing.

We set the butty at the stern of Wand'ring Bark and there was none of the innate slew I had expected. Sure the speed was down a bit for river travel - a trace over 4 mph with a nominal current in our favour, but we made good time and found ourselves in Worcester just over four hours out of Stourbridge.

Stourbridge Barge Lock

Another day which confounded the forecast with loads of sweun but a biting wind in the shade. The weather for the weekend isnt looking great but hopefully with the gazebo up we will be fine.

Tomorrow we head north back to the start of the Droitwich Barge Canal and on to the festival ground in Vines Park.

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