Tuesday 28 April 2015

South to Stourport

Bratch to Stourport
April 2015

Before you go jumping to conclusions, we didn't go from Bratch to Stourport in a single day! I missed last nights post so this covers two days cruising in unexpected sunshine.

Heading south on the Staffs and Worcs.

Monday saw us descent the Bratch and in the course of our travels we only saw half a dozen boats on the move. The day in itself was unremarkable with a fender finding its way onto the prop at Swindon and then a facilities stop at Greensforge. We spent the night at Kinver and much to our surprise we were assailed by the few boats present demanding jam! At the time I was indulging in a spot of sea searcher fishing but in the event found only a 2p coin - and concluded I was a better preserve seller than mudlark!

The pair at Kidderminster

It was a chilly night with the water pooling under the handrails on The Butty freezing solid! After a chilly and breezy start the day improved and there was some excellent sunlight for photography. We paused at Sainsburys in Kidderminster for a spot of lunch and supplies and again attracted a crowd around the butty and all lest loaded down with Wildside bags and our coffers were £50 heavier! 

Bluebells on the Staffs and Worcs

We tootled along to Stourport, The Jam Butty riding smoothly in our wake and to round off the day fish and chips were purchased from Pats, the best chippy in town and only a minute away from the moorings.

The Jam Butty in Kidderminster

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