Sunday, 3 October 2010

Gnosall to Market Drayton

Gnosall to Market Drayton
Sat 25th September 2010
After a look at Gnosall under a clear blue sky we moved on to Norbury and then into Grub St Cutting followed by Woodseaves, with the trees just starting to turn. These tunnels of green are spectacular at any time but can be exquisite in the autumn.

Matilda isn't quite as bouncy as she used to be and left the five locks at Tyrely to my solo attention, emerging into Market Drayton at 6.00pm where the regional IWA AGM was underway. Whilst a number of boats had turned up for the event there were still plenty of mooring spaces for us near the wharf.

We refilled the water tank from a very slow tap and whilst I was waiting I spied Geoff bobbing around in his self made coracle. These ancient craft are cheap and light to carry but very difficult to paddle against a stiff breeze. He repeatedly tried to pass beneath the bridge but each time he approached the northerly wind gusted through and sent him spinning back down the cut. 

Matilda treated us to a steak at the Talbot where the majority of the IWA group were holed up. The pub staff were surprisingly attentive, producing a huge plate of food and insisting we test the meat before they left. The portions were so huge neither of us could finish and puddings were completely out of the question.

 I did notice a distinct lack of female staf in the pub, but maybe that can be attributed to the slightly oddly worded advert we found outside:

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