Monday 30 April 2012

Warsaw - River Vistula

Warsaw - River Vistula
April 2012

My apologies for my lack of posts recently, an absence due to business commitments away from the water.

Warsaw from the east bank of the Vistula

My latest travels took me to Warsaw in Poland and for my first evening I found myself down on the riverbank of the Vistula which runs beside the city and used to carry a huge volume of traffic. Not so anymore - a moving boat is a rarity but the river and its bridges remain majestic.

Vistula suspension bridge with new Warsaw football stadium behind

 Vistula suspension bridge - rebuilt in the 1980's

Here are a selection of images from the riverside.

Bridge hoardings on route to the new national stadium

Poland's national football stadium, Warsaw


Sarah said...

From Walsall to Warsaw... I used to get them mixed up when I was little.

Andy Tidy said...

Me too....

Albert @ said...

I just love the second picture. It's breathtaking!