Friday 19 July 2013

Pacific Rim - film review

Pacific Rim
Film Review
July 2013

I was in London this week and a few of the lads from the office decided to go and see Pacific Rim - would I like to join them?

Docklands on your own is pretty tedious, so off we went.

My short review?

Extravagant 3D effects and non stop action but ultimately its Independence Day with Transformers. No real plot and no discernible character development.

Earth was populated by aliens millions of years ago and they have patiently waited underground till our atmosphere was polluted enough to sustain them. Then they started to emerge like giant dinosaurs and man responded with giant machines which grappled and fought the invaders. But the invaders got bigger and bigger so the humans built walls which still coundn't stop them.

Enter the last of the "Tranformers" whi entered battle following a Henry 5th "band of brothers" speech and, against all odds, won the day.

It was fairly engaging but left knowing I had seen it all before. All in all an OK bit of high budget escapism which will appeal to all the family but ultimately will be completely forgettable,

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