Monday 8 July 2013

Prat Miles

Prat miles
July 2013

We all recognise the concept of lock miles, adding time to our journeys - but how about prat miles?

Prat miles don't add time to journeys but they do add irritation here and there. We all encounter them from time to time and I sometime wonder if there is a correlation between prat encounters and miles travelled. 

Having pondered on this for a while I guess I bump into a prize plonker about three times a year so maybe I shouldn't be surprised that at the half way point I met up with this year's Mr P No1. There I was, out on the Staffs and Worcester on a scorching sunny day minding my own business when an irritating idiot throws a sarcastic curved ball.

The scene was Helen and myself working up the last of the Gailey flight with five non boating guests from her church "Ladies Monday group" in the front enjoying the experience. A boat is descending Brick Kiln lock ahead of us so we hang back in mid channel, minding our own business, finding a bit of shade and waiting for the boat to exit the lock.

Prat comes out of the lock incredibly slowly and as he passes the ladies in the front leans out and sarcastically says "thanks for the help" - and repeats the same to us as he passes the stern. OK so it looks like we have a  crew of seven, but that's making a very big assumption that the five at the front have even the faintest ideas about lock operation!

I responded with the question "you are joking, arnt you?" but it seems not. He did indeed expect us to moor up and come up to the lock and help them work their lock.

Rant over - you meet idiots everywhere and the fleeting opportunity to understand their comment and respond accordingly is so brief you never get to say what you think - which is maybe just as well!

Nuf said.


Sarah said...

Only three a year????

Jim said...

And of course if you do "go and help" they tell you off for not doing it right!

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I never know whether to post about this sort of thing. It is true that people do do some daft things on the canals, and I for one am as guilty as the next man on occasions. Normally you just shrug your shoulders and get on with it. When people make comment, as your First Pratt of the year, it is done without the full knowledge of situation. I try to not make this sort of comment as it seems to make me feel worse afterwards. If he needed help to work the lock he shouldn't have been there in the first place so shouldn't have made any comments anyway. Any news on the butty yet?
Cheers for now, Tony Porter 'Holderness'.

Andy Tidy said...

Tony - you are probably right and most times I just shrug and move on. I guess I was rattled because he was rude to my 5 "mature" guests. Hey ho.
As for the butty - it will be a couple of months before the steelwork is finished but I will get down there soon and take a closer look.