Sunday 8 September 2013

Rochdale 2013 - Rugeley

Rochdale 2013
Calf Heath to Rugeley (Day 1)
23 August 2013

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16 miles - 14 locks - 8 hours

The Thursday night departure didn't materialise due to fatigue so we packed our bags and set the alarm instead. But we had a mix up with the alarm and it was left on my usual workday 6.00 am, which didn't impress Mrs Ahab one little bit.

This years big trip will take us all the way down the Trent to Keadby, up the Aire and Calder / Clader and Hebble and then over the via the Rochdale Canal andhand the boat over to Martin in Manchester who will bring it back in time to attend the Black Country Boating Festival.

This early wakening

did mean that we reached the boat, got it packed with a fortnights stuff and all the jam paraphernalia, and were away from the marina by 9.30am and heading for Gailey where we filled up with diesel and gas and were parted with over £100. Then it was on to Midland Chandlers at Penkridge to but a new LED light for the galley at £40 and some spare stern gear packing for us as and when the current contents of the stuffing box runs out of adjustment.

The propshaft isn't too happy and by the time we reached Wolsey Bridge the auto bilge pump activated itself - the first time it has done so in 10 years! The dripping was running fast so I gave it a turn as I packed up in the rain at Trent Aqueduct. and will monitor its progress during the holiday.

We like to have a DVD series to watch during our travels - so the seal was broken on Homeland and the pilot episode watched. Good start.

Ann and Chas - better known as Moore 2 Life

This is all very familiar territory but still throws up surprises, this time in the form of Chas and Ann of Moore 2 Life at Deptmore Lock, one of those unexpected meetings you have on the canals.

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