Tuesday 10 September 2013

Rochdale 2013 - Willington

Rochdale 2013
Rugeley to Willington (day 2)
24 August 2013

23 miles - 14 locks - 9.5 hours

We want to make Nottingham by Sunday night which means pressing on over the first three days of the trip. The forecast was ominous with rain scheduled all day but in he event none arrived which was great news.

Trent and Mersey at Wood End

These summer trips are a foragers delight and we came across a greengage tree aptly by Plum Pudding, the old tunnel which has been opened out. This tree provides 3kg of fruit in about 5 minutes and after a few stops here and there we added 4kg of blackberries to our jammy haul. But it wasnt all about making on this trip. We have added a small jam display to our roof and by the time we had passed through Fradley we had sold several jars - this is a bit like fishing but more fun!

Wild Side boat top display

The wind picked up in the afternoon pushing us to an fro as we progressed through Burton, adding apples to our collection. The canal undergoes a sea change in Burton where we pass through the last narrow lock of our trip. From here on it is wide locks all the way.

The last narrow lock

The Trent and Mersey to Fradley is very familiar but as we set off east from the juncton it really feels like the trip is getting going. Boats become fewer and the canal becomes more remote, plus we change hire boats with Shakespeare Classic and Hire a Canalboat forming the backbone of the traffic.

Willington came into view at 7.30pm where we moored, met up with Suz and Jack and paid a visit to the Green Man where wedding plans were discussed - its only 8 weeks away!

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Adam said...

You share my thoughts on the hire boats - you can tell where you are by which companies you see!