Tuesday 3 September 2013

The Mystery Can from Tod

A new purchase for the butty
3 Sept 2013

You may have wondered where Capt Ahab has gone....

Lock 36 - Rochdale Canal Summit

Well, the answer is that we have gone boating and a full trip report will follow. But for now we are sitting at the summit pound of the Rochdale Canal, heading west towards Manchester having just crossed from Yorkshire to Lancashire.

For those that have never been this way, it really is boating at the top of the world. The moorland comes right down to the canal.

Whilst in Todmorden this morning we purchased a small "Buckby" can - an authentic one complete  with is original artwork and a rust hole. Ian and Karen - thanks for the tip off!

The mystery can

Any ideas who painted it and where it may have come from?


Nick holt said...

That's a gorgeous can Captain, I'm very envious!

Enjoy your trip and the gorgeous weather.

I'll look forward to your trip report. I could do with a little virtual journeying as I sit at my desk in London!

best wishes


Naughty-Cal said...

Were you on the Trent last Tuesday?

Pippin said...

Been following your blog and can't believe you are moored at lock 36. We should also be there but are stuck at Castlefield in Manchester due to the stoppage on the Rochdale 9! Some idiot walloped the bottom gates of lock 89. Hope you are not going that way. It may be sorted by the end of the week. Fingers crossed. We are aiming for Sowerby Bridge and then into North Yorkshire.
By the way, did you get the can from the antiques shop opposite the sanitary station?
Kev nB Pippin.

Andy Tidy said...

Nick -I am sure you will back on Eileen soon enough.
Naughty-Cal - yes we were on the Trent. We did the run from Cromwell to Keadby on Tuesday with an hour layover in Torksey. Dont say we passed you and didnt spot you? - you were on my mind.
Pippin - thats a very useful fact cos, yes we are planning to descend to Castlefields on Friday. I will check with CRT as we start at Failsworth and maybe divert via the Ashton. Oh - yes - the can was in the antique shop neat the Tod services (next to the old co-op)

Andy Tidy said...

Pippin - Lock 89 opened today:

Stoppage: Lock 89, Tib Lock
01 - 04 Sep 2013
Associated Regional Office: Manchester & Pennine Waterways
UPDATE (04 September 2013): Navigation is now open

Does that mean we will see you?

Naughty-Cal said...

Yes we passed you on the Trent. We were heading from West Stockwith back up to Torksey. We passed you a few miles from Torksey. We were towing the dinghy so only pottering about.

Pippin said...

Allok now. Made it back over the Rochdale. Nice to see you coming out of the lock on the Lancashire side. Hope the 'Manchester 18' and the Rochdale 9 were kind to you. We had no problems.
Kev nB Pippin.

Andy Tidy said...

Kev - It rained every minute of the day and I did my back in on all those heavy paddles and lock gates! At least it kept any hooligans indoors.