Friday 24 January 2014

Never Coming Back - book review

Never Coming Back
by Tim Weaver
January 2014

No, its not a statement of intent, but given our current location is could very well be!

In the final few days before we left the UK I realised that I had no holiday reading material so I piled onto Amazon and to narrow things down a bit I picked five likely looking books from Richard and Judys list from 2013.

Yeh, Yeh - Richard and Judy - all very passe I hear you cry, but how else was I supposed to filter the options?

Never Coming Back sounded like an interesting read, although I didnt realise that it was the third in a series following David Raker, a private investigator with a specialism in finding missing persons. Not that this mattered - the book was stand alone and although you can tell that there was history to the key character, you were given enough to fill the background gaps.

In brief its the story of a damaged individual who is running from his own past and seeks closure by helping others find loved ones. He is hauled out of seclusion by an exgirlfriend and is soon on the trail of a missing family, butting horns with nasty characters who want the past to stay very hidden. In fact, anyone who starts to get close to the truth soon finds themselves very dead and the bodycount rises inexorably.

The book uses flashback for the various characters to weave in all the plotlines and Weaver cleverly brings them all to life is a clear and coherent manner. Sometime I lose the thread of who is who in complex plots, but maybe reading the book in just two days helped here.

The book is a pacy roller coaster of a tale. It grabs your attention and then holds it firmly in its grasp till the tale is told and the endgame is reached. The ends are all tied off and I am left thinking I would  like to read the earlier books in the series.

 I think that classes as a positive review!

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