Sunday 6 April 2014

A Boaty Update

A boaty update
April 2014

My blog posts have been a bit intermittent recently on account of a manic work and domestic schedule, but there have been boaty interests here and there.

Firstly, Wand'ring Bark's BSC falls due in May so following a helpful reminder from the Trust the services of Phil Jones were sought. The boat passed with flying colours except for the bit that didnt! The gas test revealed a marginal pressure drop but a bit of fiddling revealed a dodgey connection between the rubber hose and the solid piping at the bottom of the gas locker. I am glad this intermittent fault was spotted as for all my cavalier attitude to some stuff, I take gas security on the boat very, very seriously.

Then there is the Jam Butty / Montgomery. Hard on the heels of the BSC I commissioned Trevor Whitling to do a survey. Trevor is one of the leading examiners for old hulls and his detailed examination picked up a clutch of welding tasks which are all being attended to before we pay / take delivery. This will delay the delivery date a couple of weeks but we will end up with a tip top hull good for a couple of decades, a hull certificate to get proper insurance, a BSC certificate whilst I fit out the interior over the next couple of years and, of course, a whole lot of peace of mind.

Then there is the small matter of a mooring which has been agreed in Calf Heath, just across the way from our existing mooring and easy to pole (I hope).

So out boating plans are coming together and we hope to have the combination out and about for the Roving Traders Floating Market in Birmingham 27th to 29th June.

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Sue said...

Sounds like you expected something worse for the survey of the butty.. I detect you were pleased though overall..


And well enough time for the late spring and summer. You gonna be busy with waterway festivals..

Oh don't forget to do some forriging in between! :D